This stamp was produced for the celebration of the 200th jubilee of the first deputies of the province of North-Brabant moving in at the Dutch National Assembly in 1796.

 Joke Ziegelaar, a designer from Leiden has chosen the photograph. I took the picture in the summer of 1980. It is part of a documentary project about marksmen's guilds in our province.


 Before 1796 this province was ruled by the seven provinces north of the rivers Maas and Waal (Union of Utrecht).

 Inspired by the French revolution, Jan van Hoof from Eindhoven, W. Hubert from Den Bosch and H. Verhees from Boxtel, 'Patriots', as they where named, required a place for North-Brabant at the National Assembly in The Hague.

 From the first of march 1796 on the Brabanders where legitimate citizens of what a few years later became the new Kingdom of the the Netherlands. Tough it took more than one century until they could feel equal.

 The presentation of the stamp took place on June 13, in the same room at the Binnenhof in The Hague where 200 years before the National Assembly met.

 The first sheet of stamps was given to the Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok by Ir.W.Dik the president of KPN (Royal PTT Nederland).

 © 1997 Hans-Joachim Schröter.

 The opening of the National Assembly on March, 1, 1796,
engraving by Frederik Muller.

(Collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

 The same room 200 years later on June, 13, 1996

© 1996 Hans-Joachim Schröter.

 The Prime Minister adresses the guests of te celebration.

© 1996 Hans-Joachim Schröter.

 After the speaches there is time for a snack made by
famous chefs from North Brabant.
From right to left Prime Minister Wim Kok, the gouvernor of
North Brabant, Mr. Houben, Mr. W. Dik, president
of the Royal Dutch PTT and Mr. W.Deetman, the chairman
of the second chamber of the parliament.

© 1996 Hans-Joachim Schröter.

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