Notes about the documentary project ‘Marksmen's guilds' of North-Brabant’.

 The first time I discovered marksmen was in summer 1974 in Eindhoven. 
It was impressing.
Living for a longer time in Brabant it was until then, that I ever saw anything that was a living tradition. I became courious and thought of making a documentary about that tradition.

 In February 1978 I wrote a letter to the provincial government of North-Brabant to ask for a subsidy for the this production. Then I started to collect information, and Karel Vermeeren from Eindhoven was very helpful. He introduced me to the guild's life in the small villages of North-Brabant.

 Two years later, in April 1980, after a positive decision from the government, I started. Until December of the same year I took pictures on many locations in this province.
In January 1981 the printing period started. Three months later all prints where ready for mounting and framing.
I produced two series of 60 colour prints, one for the provincial archive and one for a travelling exhibition. 

The first presentation of the project was June, 18, 1982, at Museum Kempenland in Eindhoven.

 The order of the pictures shows the typical events on a marksman meeting. First you see the prayer in the morning and the last picture shows the presentation of the winners in the evening. The result is a very individual picture story about this phenomenon. I feel great respect about this appearance of an old tradition in North-Brabant.

 The series is now a part of the collection of the North-Brabant Museum Den Bosch.

 Hans-Joachim Schröter.